The dolphin Busephilis popped his head above the warm artic waters for a close look at the Raft. He saw it was actually a number of rafts tied together and much larger than he had imagined. It had many humans aboard.
The entire East was underwater now and only some high ridges in the west still greeted the sun. It was the same in other lands with only mountaintops rising above the seas,

These humans who had made metal monsters and ruled all they saw, were now on the verge of extinction. They had unlawfully and foolishly separated the sacred forces to power their engines and empires. They had hunted the creatures of the land and the sea and devastated their populations. Marou the elder dolphin said they even hunted their own kind.

He had sung that they didn't know they were doing wrong, that their hunger was so great it had blinded them. Now they would pay and forfeit their place in the current of life.

Busephilis and his brothers had been ordered here as witnesses. They had put their fins to the churn for a full cycle to reach this point at this moment. There was a raging air storm coming, which these rafts could not survive and in any case there was nowhere for them to go.

He and his brothers would observe the end and commit it to song for these man creatures had been the most blessed of earths children but sadly had never been able to find their balance.
“May we never see their like again!” he thought as he tasted the artic waters and knew the seas were regaining their strength. staats